Call us at 616-600-0672 for urgent situations, or email us to inquire about elective procedures.

We are pleased to be offering some additional services to the public. Our focus is going to be on elective procedures as well as a few semi-urgent ones. We are not the place to come to if your pet needs x-rays, has been hit by a car, was in a serious dog fight, or has difficulty breathing.

We are here for minor to moderate laceration repairs, blocked cats, bladder stone removals, eye removal, eyelid correction, cat pyometras, and more! In the Spring we will start offering foreign body surgeries, amputations, spleen removals, and more.

We are trying to balance the most common urgent situations, like laceration repair and kitten upper respiratory infections, with procedures that aren't affordable to a lot of people at emergency hospitals. Please bear with us as we try to navigate this and try to accomodate the need for these services.

We schedule elective surgeries for the public on Fridays. For the more urgent cases such as pyometras, blocked cats and kitten URI's, you may contact us between 8am-5p, and we will determine if we can fit it into our schedule that day. Please note, these services are meant for animals who are otherwise healthy. For example, we are not going to perform an elective procedure on an animal who is an uncontrolled diabetic and prone to seizures. If we feel your pet has special circumstances and should be at a 24-hour facility we will refer you elsewhere.

Service Fee
Cat/kitten upper respiratory infection or bot fly removal up to $100
Cat/small dog laceration/wound up to $150
Dog laceration repair (over 50 lbs.) up to $250
Tail amputation (not for screw tails) Under 50 lbs. $150, otherwise $200
Mass removals varies depending on size, location, and biopsy options
Eye removal $350
Eyelid entropion correction $175 per eye
Cherry eye $175 for 1 eye, $300 for both
Cat pyometra $450
Dog pyometra $700-1,000 depending on severity
Cat/small dog cystotomy (bladder stone removal) $450
Large dog (over 50 lbs.)cystotomy (bladder stone removal) $650
Blocked cat $900

The cost of these procedures includes anesthesia, suturing, IV catheter, fluids, pain medication, blood chemistry, and antibiotics as warranted for the situation.