Other Services

General Services

Microchipping (cats and dogs)$20
4dx tick borne disease panel w/ heartworm (Dogs)$35
FIV/Feline Leukemia test (cats)$25
Flea/tick treatment (Revolution)$15 cats, $25 dogs
Earmite treatment, 2 doses(cats)$15
General Dewormer$15
Tapeworm treatment$15 cats, $25 dogs

Why Us?

There are now 3-4 low-cost spay/neuter places in the area to take your pet. What makes us different? We are the only group that provides 3 days of pain medication to female cats and includes e-collars in the cost of the surgery. How is this better for you and your pet? The obvious is your pet experiences less pain and discomfort post-surgery. E-collars significantly decrease the chance of infection post-surgery–which is when most infections occur. All too often animals lick their incisions, try to pull the sutures out, etc., and the owner ends up with a sick cat or an expensive trip to the ER. We decided that it’s in all of our best interests to send every female surgery patient, and large males, home with an e-collar.