Info About Scheduling

Our scheduled Alto day is usually Mondays, but we are trying to add a Saturday and Sunday once a month, and Clarksville is generally one Saturday per month. We are available for urgent/sick appointments/elective surgeries 1-2 days a week.

Alto weekday drop-off is 7:30-8am for all
spay/neuter/dentals/surgeries.  Pickup is 4:30-5:30pm.

Alto Saturdays:  Drop-off 10am, pickup 4pm

Alto Sundays:  Drop-off 9am, pickup 4pm

Clarksville Saturdays:  Drop-off 9-9:30am at Clarksville Feed Store, Pick-up 5pm at Clarksville Feed Store.

For a quick view of when we offer standard spay/neuter/and dentals, you can look at our Google calendar (link above).

When scheduling, the program will ask you to choose either the Clarksville or Alto location.  We are only at Clarksville 1 day a month. 


Steps For Scheduling

Dates And Locations

We are trying to add cat pickup locations one day a month for each of the surrounding areas of Belding, Ionia, Portland, Dorr, Middleville, and Clarksville.  At this time we have a shortage of technicians and do not have any transports scheduled.  We hope to resume them by late May. 

Sometimes they will be on weekdays, other times they will be offered on weekends. We can transport small dogs (under 20 lbs.) in carriers for neuters and dentals from these locations too. Please note we do not have transport vans, so carriers need to be of the smallest appropriate size for the animal.

Any large crates or carriers will not be able to fit. When possible we will try to have some small empty carriers with us if needed. We can not have animals running loose in our vehicles, so if you need us to try to provide a small carrier for you, please write it in the notes when scheduling!

Schedule Your Appointment Here!

Payment is due at check-in, but can be made ahead of time. Our scheduling software will now accept online payments! The day before your spay/neuter/dental appt. we will send you a “request for payment” through it. Anything that can be done to speed up morning drop-off is appreciated! We also accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover at the time of drop-off, but everything that can be done ahead of time makes the day run smoother!

Surgery Day Check In

All cats MUST be in secure carriers. Dogs need to have a collar that is appropriately fitted and can not slip off. Leave your pet in your car until instructed otherwise. Animals not picked up at the designated time will be charged $25/day boarding fee.

Scheduling for surgeries other than or in addition to spay/neuter

To receive approval for and a quote for mass/tumor removals, ear hematomas, and eyelid surgeries, please bring your pet to one of the locations at dropoff times for evaluation, OR email us clear photos and include the animal’s information (age, weight, list of all health problems).

Information for cat trappers/colony caretakers

We offer a special program for you! You do not need to make appointments for these animals, they are done on a walk-in basis. We understand trapping is unpredictable, and can be difficult to plan for and schedule. Animals must be brought to our location in Caledonia/Alto at a convenient pre-arranged time (7 days a week, depending on your situation). Caretakers/trappers/rescues we work with will receive free parasite treatment for feral patients (those being returned to outdoor colonies/farms).

We are committed to supporting the care of feral cats. For this reason, in addition to ear-tipping them, we provide flea treatment and deworming at no cost, as well as ear cleaning and basic wound care. This program is for trapped cats who are wild as well as colony cats. This is open to rescue groups and individuals who manage colonies and who have a demonstrated history of TNR.

Please contact us by email for more information.