Cat Vaccines

Calici/Herpes/Distemper combo$15 (aka 3-in-1 vaccine)
Feline Leukemia$15

Dog Vaccines


Why are basic vaccines so important?

One of the most heart-breaking things I see as a vet are illnesses that could have easily, and cheaply, been prevented. More often than not I’m talking about Parvovirus in puppies and Calici/herpesvirus/distemper in kittens.

Parvo, while it can be successfully treated ~90% of the time, it can cost $7,000+ to do it. Calici causes mouth ulcers in cats, and makes eating, drinking, and swallowing, painful. Herpes often causes severe eye infections that lead to horrifyingly painful ulcers, permanent vision damage, and is a LEADING CAUSE of enucleation (eye removal). Distemper simply causes death, in 95%+ of cases.

IF you get your puppies/kittens vaccinated AND boostered per guidelines for the first few years of their lives, you can save yourself a significant amount of money, and them a lot of pain/trauma. If there’s anything I can instill in you…. Let. This. Be. It.

Please note: you must provide proof of a current, unexpired rabies vaccination at the time of service to receive a 3-yr rabies vaccine. Otherwise, by law, we can only give you a 1-yr vaccine.