Affordable rates on Spay/Neuter/Dental cleanings/Wellness.

For urgent/advanced surgeries, go to

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality, affordable vet care for those who are underserved or need it the most. 

Our Mission

Our mission continues to evolve and our services continue to expand as the needs of the community change. Overall we spend the most time on spay/neuter for cats, and affordable dental care for cats and dogs.

Due to the escalating costs of urgent veterinary care, we have opened Michigan Pet Surgery and Dentistry Clinic to address the needs of urgent surgical procedures.

Who We Are And What We Do

We serve animal welfare organizations, rescues, nonprofits, colony caretakers, and anyone who is unable to afford a full service veterinary clinic–or unable to get a timely appointment at one. We do this part-time in addition to our normally scheduled jobs.

While we have the ability and equipment to do the majority of things a full service vet can do, we are not a primary veterinary clinic. We are here to pitch in when your primary vet is unavailable, or if you need a more affordable option for a 1-time surgical procedure, etc., but we are not a substitute for having a full-service veterinarian who can manage long-term diseases and complicated cases for you.

Our Equipment

We Appreciate Your Donations

We are owned and operated by a 501c3 organization called Jandy’s Home, that was originally formed to provide Humane Education. Hurricane Katrina hit and we immediately shifted into rescue/adoption activities. Fast forward to 10 years later and we now operate a high-quality low-cost clinic.

Partner Organizations

Latest Updates & Events

Clarksville Feed Store

We will be at the Clarksville Feed Store again doing vaccinations/HW testing, etc. on April 24. We will also be taking cat surgery drop-offs there at

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