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3/19/20 UPDATE

At this time we are increasing our surgery schedule to accomodate people whose appointments have been cancelled by other clinics, and to serve trappers whose mission is critical at this time of year. We know that some clinics have cancelled appointments to donate medical supplies to the hospitals, but so far our supplies have not been needed. For example, our face masks are reusable or disposable and not the N95 kind that is needed by hospital personnel, etc.

Due to pet owners having increased difficulty with vet visits, and plenty of pet owners having less income at this time, we will also start offering low-cost basic wellness services. This includes things like eye/ear infections, allergies, diarrhea, suspected UTI's, heartworm tests, vaccines, and minor wounds. This is NOT for animals who may need x-rays, full blood work, cannot urinate, or who have difficulty breathing, etc.

In honor of Dr. Ken Deweerd who operated a walk-in low-cost veterinary clinic in Wayland, the cost for the exam will be $30.

In order to provide a safe environment for all, we are instituting the following policies:

1. Staff will be limited to 2-3 people who are healthy, restricting their out-of-home activities as to limit their exposure, and have low-risk households.

2. Pets will be wiped down with pet wipes, pet carriers and leashes will be disinfected.

All patients: Owners will wait in their cars with their pets and call us when they arrive. We will go out to the car and retrieve the pet and take consent forms/payment at that time. The same will happen for pickup. For non-surgery patients, if we need the owner present for any reason, we will provide them with disposable gloves to wear.

To make an appointment and receive directions and the phone number to use when arriving, you MUST schedule online AND enter an email address where directions and information can be sent. If you don't have an email address we will try to enable text message reminders.

Stay safe!!

Our Mission: To prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats by providing quality, reduced-cost, spay and neuter surgeries, and to provide low-cost basic services to those who need it.

Our Plan: To offer spay/neuter services to those in West Michigan who don't have local low-cost options. Our surveys tell us these are the communities to the South of Grand Rapids. We are also trying to target individuals who may not be able to take time out of their work-week, and are offering weekend options.

How we operate: At this time we are selecting locations in underserved communities to do vaccine clinics and meet owners and pick up animals for surgery. They will be transported to a private clinic for their procedure. This allows us to serve more areas and make this as convenient as possible for pet owners. Once there is enough demand in a certain area we will work to find locations to perform surgeries on site.