**We have just opened up Saturday March 13 in Clarksville for vaccines/HW testing and cat spay/neuter**

**Starting 11/15/2020 we are closed for spay/neuter of adult dogs to the public at least until Spring.**

We will only be offering it for male puppies under 8 months old and under 50 lbs. until then. We have limited cage space in heated areas and are going to dedicate it to our dental and urgent patients since there are other local options for low-cost canine spay/neuter.

Our Mission:

Our mission continues to evolve and our services continue to expand as the needs of the community change. Overall we spend the most time on spay/neuter for cats, and affordable dental care for cats and dogs. We also offer a wide variety of elective surgical procedures and some urgent/emergency procedures such as unblocking cats, pyometras, wounds, lacerations, bladder stone removal, enucleations, amputations, and so on. Contact us if you are in need of these services.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality, affordable vet care for those who are underserved or need it the most. This includes animal welfare organizations, rescues, nonprofits, colony caretakers, and anyone who is unable to afford a full service veterinary clinic--or unable to get a timely appointment at one. We do this part-time in addition to our normally scheduled jobs.

How do we operate?

In order to keep costs low and continue to expand the services we offer, we primarily operate out of a residential location. This affords us plenty of space and flexibility. For groups and shelters with large numbers of animals we occasionally travel to their location.

Why do we operate this way?

Because we want to keep our prices as low as possible while providing the highest level of quality. We want to spend our time and money on specialized training and new equipment, not on overhead and administrative costs.

How are we different than other low-cost S/N groups?

We offer treatment for other conditions your pet may have, and have the capabilities of a full-service hospital (except for xrays). For people who are looking for a "middle ground" we offer additional options. We already offer the best post-op pain control for female cats (a 3-day pain medication in addition to the standard 24-hour anti-inflammatory), but an additional 3-day anti-inflammatory can be added, blood work can be performed before surgery, and cones can be purchased.

What do we do?

We focus on spay/neuter, dentals, general surgery, and wellness, however we are equipped to handle most of the same procedures as a full-time clinic, with the exception of xrays.